reminising about the commune days

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Seeing Doug and Kevin Friday brought up some memories--the upper garden, just below Marley Gulch, working with Kevin...Gwen's wonderful kitchen in the dome, and her warmth and generosity. But mainly the visit was about connecting again with Shem, and talking about Mexico--we should be able to visit his wife's family, who live near San Miguel.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Hi all, welcome to the Black Bear blogspot. Saturday night, 1-17-04, picked the last apples off the tree in the backyard of my Watsonville home this evening, and got to remembering the search for winter apples at Black Bear. The idea of going out into the cold, sometimes snowy corners of the ranch to search for the lone apple that might have been missed, the sight of a jewel high on the tree, the challenge of dislodging it somehow...all came flooding back in a moment.

And so here I am typing away on a wireless computer and putting these memories out into the ether. Earth, water, fire, air

connect us to her

is a bumper sticker I saw recently.

Love, Fred

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